Pradip Patra

The vision of a viewfinder
Photography has been a passion for Pradip Patra since a very early stage of his life. It is this passion that always trigger’s the flash every time he accepts the challenges of a new consignment. “Photography has all the elements of life-it makes you a complete person-you need to have a lot of exposure-keep the windows of your mind open and remain focused-amidst n number of distractions. You scan the universe mentally looking around for ideas and once you find it- a trained photographer’s mind auto- focuses on the subject and shuts off the rest of the world from its viewfinder.” This is what the young photographer has to say about his way of work.

The technology is the easier part- developing your mind to look at the world from behind the camera is a never-ending journey.

Creativity is the key word- but success always has a combination lock attached to it-one needs honesty, punctuality and an understanding of the clients point of view, in order to become a successful photographer-this is what Pradip believes and works for.

Pradip had embarked on this journey since the early nineties-and have traveled a long way since -today he is a busy photographer having a list of satisfied clients who love to assign him over and over again for product as well as fashion shoots, Corporate, Interior, Press etc.