Pradip Patra

The vision of a viewfinder
Photography has been a passion for Pradip Patra since a very early stage of his life. It is this passion that always trigger’s the flash every time he accepts the challenges of a new consignment. “Photography has all the elements of life-it makes you a complete person-you need to have a lot of exposure-keep the windows of your mind open and remain focused-amidst n number of distractions. You scan the universe mentally looking around for ideas and once you find it- a trained photographer’s mind auto- focuses on the subject and shuts off the rest of the world from its viewfinder.” This is what the young photographer has to say about his way of work.

The technology is the easier part- developing your mind to look at the world from behind the camera is a never-ending journey.

Creativity is the key word- but success always has a combination lock attached to it-one needs honesty, punctuality and an understanding of the clients point of view, in order to become a successful photographer-this is what Pradip believes and works for.

Pradip had embarked on this journey since the early nineties-and have traveled a long way since -today he is a busy photographer having a list of satisfied clients who love to assign him over and over again for product as well as fashion shoots, Corporate, Interior, Press etc.


Pradip Patra is one my favorite photographers. He was very serious and sincere when he was my student. I am extremely glad to see him as one of the best Advertising & Fashion Photographers. I wish him all the best for his future endeavor

Tapan Chandra Chandra: Ex-Faculty member of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Govt. of India, Adult Education Course - Jadavpur University, ST.XAVIER’S COLLEGE. Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies, Mahadevi Birla for girls school, Wigan & Leigh College, Calcutta Boys School. Also conducted many photography workshops.

Working in the circle of photo lights as an art director i noticed u r talented and a fair sense with camera and models in fashion and other photography. Developing u r sutterclicking for photoshoot steadily in verious channels. Dedications and a good co-understanding may drive u fr a upper lenspoint.

Indranil ghosh : (Art director BARTAMAN NEWSPAPER)

I have known Pradip Patra for quite a few years now. He has worked on many assignments with us as a photographer. Pradip is one of the finest photographers I have worked with. His strength lies in his fine sense of framing, lighting and in his ability to grasp the requirements of an assignment. He is versatile and is equally at ease with any type of assignment -- be it a fashion shoot, an industrial or product shoot or a extensive shoot for a coffee-table book. The images he captures exudes a subtle association with the core idea of the project, thus lending depth and intended dimension to the subject. I wish him all the very best in his journey as a photographer.

Bob Roy: Resident Editor (East), Times Response, The Times of India group, Kolkata at The Times of India.

My production house raspberry reflection has been associated with pradip patra for the last 7 years,and we are thoroughly satisfied with his work pattern, visions and perspectives.he has a tremendous acumen for the product based shoots, and his compatibility with the models , stylisers, always ensures a smooth fashion shoot, be it a personal portfolio , or film promotions or catalogue or magazine shoots.

Joydeep Majumdar: Raspberry Reflection

Pradip Patra is a renowed Photographer and well established in this filed for quite sometime.
We are working with him for a long time and happy with his performance of work in the Ad/Corporate/short film area. We would like to continue to work with him in the future.
He may get more name and fame in the upcomming year for his best photography work.
We wish him all the best and sucess in the future,

Pranabesh Chandra: (Director) Chandracon

We have a long association with Pradip Patra. We also greatful for his successfully handling the assignment on our behalf. His efficency, Devotion to work and professionalism is excellent.

Gargi Banerjee: CONCEPT

Pradip da is our favourite photographer for everything, from look book to product shoots... he captures the intricacy and essence of our jewellery perfectly!

Eina Ahluwalia: Jewellery Designer.

My association with Pradip Patra spans over a decade both on the professional and personal front. He has done a number of fashion shoots for me and has beautifully captured and portrayed the underlying themes through his photographs. His passion for photography is evident from each frame he captures. From simple pret to complicated couture lines - he has done justice to each and every piece that I had created. His sincere dedication, eye for detail and commitment to quality is what makes me go back to him time and again. Here's wishing him the best in the years to come. May we have many more successful projects together.

Sayantan Sarkar: Fashion Designer

Pradip is director/visualiser/photographer.He follows brief doggedly and pulls off results as visualized.I have used him for our Femina product shoots.He has innovated at straight shots with play of lights and angles,to come up with some great results.No wonder most accessory designers use him and his work finds space in national magazines and international Vogue too! Pradip equally excell in profiling a subject,an industry,a person,an ngo. His pictures tell their story as they appear.Straight and simple. Pradip is equally with fashion photography. A keen observer of world fashion,his style is simple and easy-to-follow.Crisp,clean and effective. Pradip as a person is warm,diligent,humble,quiet with a dry humour in place.Best part is,despite his achievements,he remains grounded and easy-to-handle!

Jeena Mitra Banik: Past: assistant editor at dilligent media and Regional Editor - Femina at Benett & Coleman